Issue 341: September 2015

Welcome to the biggest Zebedee List ever in over 28 years of publication!

Allan Nimmo has added a veritable mountain of mainly Lindstrand balloons and equipment, much of it almost new. Included is a 14 year old LBL260A on its trailer with just 7 hours. The web picture of this was taken recently, located in Scotland as are the rest of the offerings. Also there are 5 more envelopes (4 of them 120s), 4 baskets, 3 burners, 3 fans, 12 tanks and the list goes on …..!

Also added this month are a complete 77 & 90, a 105 bottom end from Ian Ashpole – including another cache of accessories.

On the ‘sold’ front, August has seen the departures from the List of 2 complete 80s, one 300 and 77, 90 & 105 envelopes.

The Zebedee team made visits to part of both Metz and Bristol. The first suffered from poor weather for the first 6 days excepting the much publicised mass inflation of 433 balloons on Sunday 26th July. The second weekend proved much better and the combined ‘sleuths’ report listed no less than 561 different balloons in attendance during the meet – including no less than 144 British registered examples – probably the biggest ‘British Balloon Meet’ ever!! Bristol enjoyed the best weather (but not wind direction) for many years with over 100 take-offs on several slots.

After the demise of Midget Widget a couple of years ago, Ibstock based CK Gases took over their business but discontinued the handy size cylinders of Helium, so useful for pre flight met balloons for us private pilots. Zebedee is pleased to announce that it has ‘cleared out’ CK Gases, picking up the last dozen or so examples. If you still have your top valve for such cylinders and you want one of the last ones then £20 is the price. We cannot post these so pick up is from Zebedee at Hungerford or at the Grass Roots Meet at Sackville 11th—13th September are the options. Zebedee will be there and can deliver other items if required.