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Issue 324
April 2014



The Zebedee List is a comprehensive list of secondhand balloons and other items for sale for balloonists. It is published monthly and can be obtained either in paper format or here on its web site.

Once again a number of our advertisers have been targeted by what appears to be a scam, which includes addresses in Berlin, UK mobile phone numbers and clients away in Russia! BEWARE!

Three complete balloons have been notified in the few weeks since the (late) publication of the March List. Meanwhile Zebedee has been busy with sales of burners, baskets, fans, scoops and particularly tanks - but plenty more of each in stock!

New for April are two envelopes from Zebedee, currently needing re-inspection after 4 or 5 years out of service (but transitioned to EASA), whilst a real gem, Thunder 77 G-BSEA has surfaced after over 20 years storage. This has recently been transitioned to EASA and flown by the Zebedee team in March. It has a bit of mould / blotchiness from prolonged storage but flies beautifully using only 59 litres (excluding inflation) for 77 minutes of free flight 3 up ..... We only have a report of one flight previously when new, but suspect a few more were made back in 1990. Also, John Till added a smart looking Sky basket - ideal for an Annex 2 project and two burners at the last minute before publication.

The BBM&L Inflation Day on 26th April at David Hopkins Pidley Golf complex is the next UK event - and will attract a good turnout of long unseen balloons if the weather behaves - which it certainly did at previous events in 2010 and 2012. Zebedee will be there and as usual, can squeeze a few orders into the van .....!

Tiverton (Mid Devon) Balloons & Music Festival
11th to 13th July 2014

Minutes off Jct.27 M5

Emphasis on balloons, balloonists & warm West Country hospitality. Gas, camping, showers, bars, catering, 2 music stages, over 30 bands, fun and hospitality all available on site.

For entry details & information contact
Aerosaurus Balloons. www.tivertonballoonfestival.co.uk


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Reminder about Change of Ownership

Ferry and Tunnel Update

Another Round of Scams!

You have been warned...

An increasing number of our advertisers are again being targeted by the "Classified Ad Scam". One individual from overseas - 'she' apparently lives in several countries (!) - has contacted a number of our advertisers with offers to purchase equipment unseen. The fraud is revealed when it becomes apparent that they will send a cheque for more than the agreed price with the instruction to refund the excess by Western Union.

Our advice is to treat with suspicion any interest from a buyer who doesn't even want to look at the item for sale...

Read here for more details and advice.

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