Issue 339: July 2015

Our apologies to advertisers and readers for the late appearance of the June issue on the website, our webmaster having been in ‘overload’ early in the month …..

Four envelopes have gone from the List, Barry Bower telling us that he had 3 enquiries for his hopper, one of them within four hours of the website finally hitting your screens. The Head Ax8-88 G-TIMX has also found a new owner as has the long advertised “Cadbury” 300, once earmarked for more record breaking by David Hempleman-Adams. One of the ‘tired’ 105s that have been advertised in these pages has been withdrawn as the owner has found another use for it.

Four envelopes join the List this time – all in the 60 – 77 size bracket. These range from a complete, low houred, lightweight Concept 60, a zero hours Ultramagic 77 envelope to a well used Colt 77A envelope and Zebedee’s latest ‘revived’ envelope – the late Vic Trimble’s Durex marked Colt 77A G-DURX. This predominantly silver 1989 envelope, still with artwork (the lettering of which we predict would unpick easily!) has been transitioned to EASA and flown this week after 14 years storage and wow!, what a delight to fly. It might appear blotchy with some mould evident and be a ‘lump’ in its bag but it would make a great training balloon.

The liquidators’ sale at Lindstrand Balloons Ltd took place on 11th June with a huge attendance from both private and commercial balloonists alike. There were some bargains to be had but similarly a lot of the more sought after ‘logo’ items went for serious money. A lot of the ‘production’ machinery and materials went to one buyer, which would indicate we have not seen the last Oswestry built balloon yet ….! Whilst Zebedee secured some useful materials, the only items to immediately appear in the List are some unused fan cages – see Other.

Zebedee recently attended the Bedale Meet in North Yorkshire for the first time and joined the 20 balloons that flew the only decent slot on 20th June. This well organised meet, held at the local sports clubhouse/grounds was a friendly affair in lovely countryside and was well worth attending.

Zebedee will have a presence at the Tiverton Meet on 10th to 12th July and be able to deliver small items there.

Being a Metz year we expect the usual rush of spares orders to come in soon – and again Zebedee will be there for some of the meet and be able to deliver small items …..