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Issue 331
November 2014



The Zebedee List is a comprehensive list of secondhand balloons and other items for sale for balloonists. It is published monthly and can be obtained either in paper format or here on its web site.

One complete 77 and 5 larger envelopes ranging from 105 to 315 have sold during October. These have been replaced by a good selection of small sized balloons for November - a complete 77, 80, 2 complete 90s, 90 & 105 envelopes and a real character, the Brazilian built ‘Speedy Snail’ Special Shape fresh from his trail around Albuquerque ... Apparently he even has his own Facebook page ....!

We have had several requests for replacement fan blades recently. Although we have a fair range of 5 or 8hp 2 blade wooden props - mostly new but some refurbished, readers will be surprised to know how many variations exist to fix them to the hub/engine! Both sizes usually come with centre to centre diagonal bolt hole distances of 52, 61 or 81mm (+/- 1mm), but the indents/centre holes to go on the hub vary enormously. Before enquiring you really do need to remove the old prop and measure/photograph it!

Zebedee has recently received the last of the late Vic Trimble’s ballooning equipment and memorabilia. Much of the latter has gone to the BBM&L but items appearing in this issue include a new LBL flight bag, Tema manifolds, tether ropes and some of the famous Bristol Fiesta Glasses from the 1980s ....

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Sandy Mitchell for the use of her photos from her extensive database. Don’t forget a photo helps get that elusive sale!

Hot on the heels of last month’s notification of the Tiverton Meet for 2015, comes Dave Such’s announcement that his Little (& Large) Solo Meet will be held next year at Lakeside Lodge Golf Centre at Pidley, Cambs on 29th - 31st May. Further details from littleandlargemeet@btinternet.com

Meanwhile the Dante Group are getting into gear for the 43rd Icicle Meet on 3rd / 4th Jan 2015. For further details see www.icicle.org.uk.


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Ferry and Tunnel Update

Another Round of Scams!

You have been warned...

An increasing number of our advertisers are again being targeted by the "Classified Ad Scam". One individual from overseas - 'she' apparently lives in several countries (!) - has contacted a number of our advertisers with offers to purchase equipment unseen. The fraud is revealed when it becomes apparent that they will send a cheque for more than the agreed price with the instruction to refund the excess by Western Union.

Our advice is to treat with suspicion any interest from a buyer who doesn't even want to look at the item for sale...

Read here for more details and advice.

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