Issue 336: April 2015

As you would expect at this time of year there has been much activity on the market during March. Sold are a complete 90 plus 77 and 130 envelopes – also various baskets, fans and smaller items.

For April you have a wide range of new entries – 2 complete 105s (one of them a tope of the line example with 115 hours) and envelopes starting at a 31 and moving up via a 77 & 105 to a 300 and Special Shape.

Tim Crowdy’s Head Ax8 G-TIMX sees a hefty price reduction, whilst also appearing for the first time are a vehicle, trailer and exceptionally clean T&C 5hp (T-handle) fan. Also just in at Zebedee is a LBL 77 basket in pristine condition, finished with coloured cane and blue leather. See B205 in our listing (more photos available on request).

The BBAC AGM on 8th March was well attended and enjoyed ‘an easy run’ by Chairman Ian Hooker, with much less controversy compared with recent years. Following the sad death last year of long time club President Anthony Smith, those present elected Don Cameron to the post – whose ‘acceptance’ speech was to not only detail Anthony’s long involvement with ballooning but his other diverse adventures with motorcycles and the raft. A memorial service for Anthony will be held in St Bride’s Church, London at 11.30 on 18th June.

Other awards included the ‘Adams Sparks Trophy’ (Pilot of the Year) to a refreshingly young face from our midst Dom Bareford, the Debbie Warley Trophy (non-flying contribution to ballooning) to Phil Dunnington for his determination in negotiating on our behalf a better, more pragmatic approach to ballooning with EASA – an ongoing challenge which is beginning to bear fruit and finally the Charles Green Salver (exceptional flying achievement or services to ballooning) to the Dante Group for organising 43 annual ‘Icicle Balloon Meets’ as a fun, non commercial meet in the depths of the UK winter …..

Sadly just as we were going to press came the news that Chris Wood had passed away. The loss of a good pilot especially to the gas fraternity and a gentleman – he will be greatly missed. Our condolences to his wife Jan and all the family.

Finally we have to report the theft on 12th March of an Indespension single axle box trailer containing a Cameron 77/90 red suede top basket , s/n CB300-3A 1416 (only) from a well secured field where it was stored in Little Baddow, Essex. Contact David Usill on 07831 289190 with any info.